AFMN Awards

Recognizing Excellence

The AFMN Awards recognise and celebrate all facilities management professionals that are involved in key roles of ensuring that businesses achieve their operational objectives.
As organizers of these event, AFMN's objective is to showcase on a continental level the efforts made by those outstanding professionals within the Facilities Management sector that have made a positive contribution to the practical application, purveying of knowledge and communication of strategies to improve the sustainable performance of their premises, while adding to the core value of their clients business.

The awards cover all aspects of Facilities Management Services from the larger companies to the individual consultant; from construction to transport; and engineering to hospitality and hotels, plus much more. Every sector within the industry has a chance to win this sought after award.

How to Enter & Award Categories

Please contact the AFMN Awards department at to receive a step-by-step Entry Guide that also describes the award categories.

Judging Panel

An independent panel of recognised and expert judges, representing the facilities management industry, will determine the winners of the African Facilities Management Network Awards.
AFMN's focus is to deliver a balanced judging assessment from industry leaders who will bring their extensive knowledge, enthusiasm and expertise to the judging process ensuring that the winning entries are truly outstanding and worthy of receiving a Facilities Management Award.

The panel is carefully selected to ensure the awards judging process is fair and objective. The judges are bound by a strict confidentiality agreement and are required to declare any conflict of interest in entries over which they deliberate, in which case that entry will be reallocated. The integrity of this process lies at the very heart of all that we do.

AFMN Gala Event Images

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