About AFMN

What is AFMN & what's our ACTION AGENDA?


It is a network founded in 2016 by an assortment of facilities management professionals whose action agenda was to establish the facilities management industry as the foremost contributor to a productive and sustainable built environment through excellent and innovative management of facilities services.

As a network of professionals, we represent teams and organisations involved in the strategic and operational management of facilities in both the public and private sectors throughout the African continent, as well as those organisations that support the industry through the provision of products and services.

Our Mission & Vision

We at AFMN seek to inspire, shape and influence the facilities management industry by taking steps to promote and represent the interests of facilities managers across the African continent.

Correspondingly, AFMN's vision is for an industry that understands and executes its role in ensuring productivity, safety and wellbeing for all people that employ the use of facilities.

AFMN's Core Values

  • ​Appreciation - ​Recognision of exemplary performance within the industry​.
  • ​Excellence - Strive for excellence in the industry through quality and dissemination of information and best practices.
  • Innovation - ​Developing and embracing innovative products and services.
  • ​International - Value the diversity, experience and contribution of all stakeholders.
  • Leadership - ​Provide stewardship in the continent in the discipline of Facilities Management.
  • ​Resourceful - ​Educating members and offering training in the field.
  • ​Sustainability - Operate in a way that demonstrates a commitment to effectiveness and sustainability of the environment.
  • Success  - Built on the respect and trust within a strong and unified leadership team.